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Buckingham Liberal Democrats

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  • Ox-Cam Expressway
    Petition: Oct 22, 2019

    Expressway: Give us a say!

    The Conservative Government is STILL ploughing ahead with their Oxford-Cambridge 'Expressway' project before giving local residents the opportunity to have a say on whether the whole concept is right.


    This is a BRAND NEW MOTORWAY we're talking about!

    Saturday 8 February there will be some gatherings around the area.
    Keep an eye out as more details will be released soon.

    Read more about the project on
    Highways England,
    Bucks County Council,
    BBOWT Berks, Bucks & Oxon WildLife Trust,
    No Expressway Group and
    No Expressway Alliance

    We call on the Government to consult the public on the principle of the Oxford-Cambridge Expressway before spending millions of pounds of taxpayers' money working up detailed NEW MOTORWAY schemes.

    If you wish to help us campaign and support us, please feel free to Volunteer or Donate:
  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    The Vice Chair is a position that has strategic value to any party. It involves you in the heart of your local party and is good experience for those who may want to become Chair in the future.

    The Vice Chair can be a kind of 'Minister Without Portfolio', available to take on some tasks not obviously someone else's responsibility.
    It works equally well as a leadership and an advisory role.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    The Diversity Officer needs to be someone in the local party that has a passion for people and is supposed to bring in diversity to the party with the aim of making the local party more relatable to the community. It needs someone who can reach out to different groups within the community, and who is happy to go to many events to meet new and different people.

    This is a very fun role as you get to learn about your local community and the many different groups that give it its diversity. You will be educated about these groups, but also prepared to learn about their concerns, so that you can help the exec group take them into consideration when discussing and deciding the local manifesto or different policies.

    This role can also be a great help to your local party's fundraising and campaigning activities, as well as your Membership Officer when it comes to organising events. Be open and diverse in your thoughts, and never make an assumption about any of the groups in your community.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    Each local party has people elected to their Executive Committee as Ordinary Members, who do not hold specific roles. These are people who help by having a say in how the local party is run, and by taking on ad hoc roles and helping with special projects.

    Being a committee member enables you to help guide the party in the best possible direction, and you can do it without taking on a specific functional role. It suits someone who is generally quite competent, and who likes to look at the bigger picture of their local party. It's ideal for somebody who wants to be involved, but who may not want an official position.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    Imagine the last election if you'd had twice the funds to fight it. Uplifting income is crucial for one of those outstanding results everyone talks about. It enables more resource and better quality output, and takes professional skills to make a bigger impact, match your opponent and optimise your result.

    Getting a basic fundraising framework set up will strengthen your local party's prospects in the short- and long-terms, while you will gain a coveted skill for your CV. You'll also make new contacts, be involved in interesting events and will become an indispensable part of your local team.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    A key role in every campaign, Agents are legally responsible for the actions and published claims of their candidates. They must approve all campaign communications. They must authorise and pay all election bills. And they must ensure that candidates and campaigners are aware of the law and comply with it.

    Some agents are also the campaign manager and so need to understand how to lead effective campaigns. In other places, a different person is the campaign manager and the agent's role is narrowed to ensuring that all necessary legal steps are followed.

    Being an Agent is an important and rewarding role which places you at the heart of our active democracy, but it must be taken seriously. While the party actively encourages volunteers to come forwards to be agents, we recommend that you only do so if you have a reasonable experience of campaigns, have an organised approach and are able to manage a campaign and keep it within the law.

    When you are learning what it takes to be an agent, starting off with a lower-profile and lower-pressure contest often makes sense. This could be a local council by-election, or a non-target seat at a general election.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    The Media Officer communicates the local party's activities and achievements to the community. This helps develop the party's reputation, but crucially it tells voters what the local Liberal Democrats team is campaigning for. This means that when you canvass your voters, they may already have heard of your activities.

    Channels for communication are the local party website, the social media channels of the local party and any of its prominent members, such as councillors, and the local and regional press in your area. The Media Officer should control and deliver a strategy for communicating with the public along all of these channels.

  • Page: Oct 22, 2019

    What's the role?

    Managing your local party's membership is a big task, but is also a highly rewarding one. It suits well organised people with great personal skills.

    You are the main point of contact for most members, making sure that they are involved with the Lib Dem community where you live. You will arrange events for them to attend and get them involved with campaigning. You've also got the important job of keeping your members up to date with their payments, and are the local party lead on recruiting more members.

  • Page: Oct 21, 2019

    What's the role?

    The Data Officer is the person with overall responsibility for the use and maintenance of data at a local party level.

    Data Officers typically have logins to at least one of up to three databases which the party uses. In context of campaigns and elections, the Data Officer supports the local party and candidates to use data effectively and intelligently, to run targeted campaigns.

  • Page: Oct 21, 2019

    What's the role?

    The Secretary role is important because good administration is key to running the local party and ensuring that the party is ready at election times. Being organised year-round means you'll stay organised when it matters most.

    The role of local party Secretary is to ensure that the party functions effectively and in accordance with the local, regional, national and federal party constitutions. The Secretary ensures that the processes and rules laid out in the constitution are enacted, and that the decisions made by the local party's executive committee are constitutional.

    Key tasks

    • Arrange executive meetings, including circulating the agenda.
    • Minute executive meetings and ensure an accurate record of them is kept, especially the decisions and agreed actions.
    • Arrange the local party AGM.
    • Ensure decisions are consistent with constitutional requirements.
    • Make arrangements for election or selection of local executive officers and party candidates, and ensure that these are done in line with proper procedure.
    • Efficient handling of general administration, including correspondence with Lib Dem HQ, and keeping records of local party officers up to date.
    • Work with the local party Chair to produce a work plan, and supporting the Chair to chase actions.

    Skills & Attributes

    Being a good Secretary would suit somebody with a passion for administration who enjoys being part of a team. Some of the key skills and attributes you will need are:

    • IT literacy.
    • Administrative skills.
    • Written skills
    • Patience and persistence.
    • Objectivity.


    10+ hours per month

    How to Apply

    The Secretary is a role on the local party executive. As such it is elected each year at your local party's AGM. Any member of the party can stand to be Secretary.

    Download the Nomination Form here