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Local member commended for Liberal Britain vision

February 6, 2017 9:03 PM

Our member Clive Parish was commended for this entry to the party's Liberal Britain vision of life in Britain in 2030.


Liberal Democrats have a vision - a blueprint for our country in the year 2030. We call it Our Liberal Britain. We see a political landscape transformed, one founded on a more caring and equal society, a stronger and greener economy, and the greatest expansion of democracy since the suffragettes. We see a country where power and wealth is dispersed to the four nations and the regions and to the heart of our communities. We see a country where all people have a fair chance to succeed, whatever their background, and where individuals feel they have a stake in their future and a voice that's heard.

In Our Liberal Britain, we see a revitalised economy equipped for the 21st century, where individuals enjoy secure and well-paid jobs, thriving public services, and affordable homes. One where we invest in people, and in infrastructure and innovation, to create a technology-led, high-skill, high-wage economy able to compete on the global stage and to grasp the opportunities arising in the resource-efficient, environmentally sensitive, zero-carbon industries of the future.

In Our Liberal Britain, education guarantees everyone a fair start in life, by focusing resource where it matters most - on the very young and on pupils falling into the attainment gap. For older students, a wider curriculum offers more opportunities to realise their potential, including non-academic options and well-structured apprenticeships. And life-long learning lets individuals train or retrain at any stage - and to lead richer, more fulfilling lives that contribute to a stronger economy and a more equal society.

In Our Liberal Britain, power is spread as widely as possible, in favour of individuals and communities. Political and economic decision-making is dispersed away from London, to the north and the regions, to our towns and cities and villages, to those communities best placed to meet people's needs. Employees are encouraged to own a stake in their workplace, rural communities to take responsibility for protecting the environment, and tenants to manage their own social housing. And in politics, a more democratic electoral system, liberated from domination by big money donors and entrenched interests, guarantees every citizen an equal say and a vote that counts.

In Our Liberal Britain, we livein an open and tolerant society, where we are respected as individuals and are free to be ourselves, without fear or prejudice. Here people are measured by their contribution to society and not their gender, colour or creed. Here we care for the young and old, the sick and disabled, and seek to liberate those trapped in unemployment, mental illness or a life of crime. Here individuals take responsibility for their lives and their families, encouraged to achieve their best in the good times and supported through the hard.

In Our Liberal Britain, the nations of the United Kingdom speak with a single powerful voice, welcome and heard on the world stage for our values of fairness, tolerance and co-operation, and ready to work with allies and neighbours to promote peace, champion sustainable development and limit climate change.